How long does therapy last?

Given that I am a cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT), therapy is often time limited, but each case will be evaluated individually. Treatment can be longer than the "standard" 12 - 20 sessions if the presenting issues have been chronic, are severe in nature or complicated by other diagnoses and/or medical problems.

What are the goals of therapy?

  The goals of therapy depend on the individual, but the aims of treatment are to increase self discovery and mastery of one's thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Working in a collaborative manner with the therapist helps in decreasing symptoms, promotes autonomy, enhances well-being and improves overall quality of life.

What kind of patients and problems do you treat?

My practice is a general psychotherapy practice and I am adept at working with adolescents, adults and older adults, with a diverse range of psychological problems. My specialty areas are generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), other anxiety related conditions, mood disorders, interpersonal challenges and severe mental illness. In addition, I treat individuals, couples and families. Finally, I also have a strong interest in working with both the religious and secular communities.