A type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thought about the self and the world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behavior patterns or treat mood disorders such as depression.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Integrative Therapy

A form of depth psychology, the primary focus of which is to reveal the unconscious content of a client's psyche in an effort to alleviate psychic tension. In this way, it is similar to psychoanalysis.

It is a unifying psychotherapy that responds appropriately and effectively to the person at the affective, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological levels of functioning, and addresses as well the spiritual dimension of life.

Psychodynamic Therapy


​Generalized Anxiety Disorder Across the Lifespan: An Integrative Approach

Mar 25, 2009


Generalized Anxiety Disorder Across the Lifespan creates a practical knowledge base for GAD, indentifying the symptoms that set it apart, both from "normal, everyday" anxiety and from other anxiety-based pathologies, and thoroughly reviewing the range of established and cutting-edge treatments. The author's developmental approach sheds some light on longstanding, clinical mysteries surrounding the disorder, among them the interplay of somatic and psychological symptoms, and the changes in symptoms as patients age.

Psychiatric Annals

February 2011


Anxiety has been with us since time immemorial. One could even go as far to say that some levels of anxiety and worry are part of the human condition. This is especially the case when our anxieties and worries are reactive to events and situations that warrant such emotional responses. An expert in the field has articulated, it is the "how" anxiety sufferers worry that often determines whether anxiety is pathological and not the "why."

Volume 41 • Number 2
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He brings to bear years of experience as a clinician, well trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with an international reputation on the topic of generalized anxiety disorder.



Dr. Aaron T. Beck, M.D.

University Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry

University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine

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